American BAR

Millions of bubbles, the clink of ice cubes in a glass, international spirits mixed with all different flavors, the use of ginger in Gin and then mint, brown sugar crushed by increasingly sophisticated Bartenders, according to the styles at the moment’s trendy clubs.
Our proposal is a big, rich, fashionable and supplied American Bar, with specialized Bartenders knowledgeable about the most popular cocktails. On a real bar counter with a raised front, using black glasses, plexiglass accessories, paper fires, everything very "COOL" and very ... "SHOW"! A setting so ... American Bar and a party service BAR from "Night Disco Club" which only a few can boast of having.


Firenze: Via Mario Morosi, 11 - 50127 - Firenze - téléphone et fax +39 055. 4222446
Roma: Via Poggio Catino 28 - 00199 - Roma personnel +39 335 5368137
P.IVA: 06656670483 C.F.: 06656670483