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Like a Sunday lunch
at your grandmother’s home.

The taste, the colours, the smells and the music in a unique experience involving all senses, an experience that takes you in a trip across the italian and the french tradition.

As when we were kids and on sundays the lovely lunch at grandmother’s house joined the family together, nowadays we try to join tradition and innovation to offer a unique cooking.

Jerry Ruffilli

I started as a sous chef in an Italian trattoria in Los Angeles, then I worked as a Barman, a Sommelier, then I became a Maitre.

I have travelled all around the world driven by the desire to explore places and culinary traditions; I have met and collaborated with the most important event organizers and wedding planners living commercial experiences in important Italian caterings; then the fashion world and exclusive parties.

I join communication and marketing skills to passion for gastronomy.

Today I’m here to serve you as owner and founder of Le Cirque Firenze, bringing my ideas to create new menus and setting up.




And as the circus moves from village to village with all its junkies, mounts the stage and astonishes everybody with its unique show, the Catering arrives to the location, mounts emotions for its people and then dismantles everything and goes back home.

Jerry Ruffilli

Big Top

Our headquarter is a bit like the circus tent, the “Chapiteau” which is the place that creates the show.

Our offices, our kitchen are the places that will welcome you under coloured tents and comfortable armchairs.

We are waiting for you under our “tent” to take care of you and your desires.

The team


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